👋 Hi

Hey, and thanks for popping over to the blog.

I appreciate everyone who has been following and supporting my business over the last year or so, it’s been a wild ride. Life has so many ups and downs and I am just feeling the need to share some of my personal journey here.

In February I moved into an office space as I had quickly outgrown my dining room table and kitchen bench. 

I started with an idea to get back into selling at the markets after being a stay at home mum for almost 5 years. I tell you what. The idea of staying at home might sound great before kids come along. But I really struggled with the culture shock of going from working and studying to being at home all of the time.

I was diagnosed with post natal depression after my second baby 3 years ago. However I most definitely had it after my first and I just did not know. 

Before kids my partner and I had started a small vintage clothing business. I loved doing the markets and I was disappointed when he chose not to continue after we had the kids. For a while I felt that I would not be able to achieve the goal alone so I benched it. It got to a point where I found the courage to start my business up again. I ordered some womens and kids dresses and had my first market stall. I sold one skirt and didn’t even make my money back. I gave out some business cards and ended up with a couple of follow up sales so that was good.

Businesess can be slow to start. At times I felt like I was the only one who belived in me.

I worked on building my Instagram community. I opened a Shopify store which had no visits or sales for the first 2/3 months. 

After I sold a few dresses I invested the money into some new lines of T-shirt’s, which gained a lot of attention and I started making sales. T-shirt’s were selling out so I got more in and so on and so on! I often think I would like to start my own line. And add more products to my store. But financially I just haven’t gotten there yet. 

The office was a great idea and really helped me grow and expand but some months paying the rent leaves me with nothing left to live on or buy more stock so I’m feeling that when the lease is up in a few months I’ll reconsider my options.

Some recent changes at home also means I may be able to work a small office and stock space back there so I will see what happens. 

Things are tough right now to be honest. Some days I feel like giving up and calling defeat. 

Around 2 weeks ago my partner of 13 years, and father of my 2 kids and I decided we will seperate, and he has moved out. 

My son is 3.5 now and we are still waiting for NDIS funding for his autism therapies. The guilt of feeling like I am not doing enough Is constant and I often feel pulled to leave my business and go back to caring for him full time. 

My daughter is amazing and is starting school next year. 

I have a lot of fears right now about the future but I am also optimistic about new things to come into our lives. I’d love nothing more to continue with Mondo Bazaar and show my kids that you don’t have to “work for the man” and go for your goals. 

Its up to me right now to get through these tough times personally and with the business. I’m trying to push through but some days I just end up procrastinating. 

I’m not sure exactly what I will get out of sharing this openly but I know it can only be a step forward.


Much love and thanks xx